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Head Office

33 Carsthorne Road
Carr Lane Industrial Estate
Merseyside UK
CH47 4FB

Telephone : +44(0) 151 632 6333
Fax : +44(0) 151 632 6444
Email : info@gunform.com

Slope And Ground Stabilisation

Sprayed concrete is the preferred method of placing concrete to provide ground support, producing a strong, dense, well bonded material, with a high early strength which is required for rock and ground support. Accelerators can be added to the sprayed concrete so that the material sets immediately where unstable ground condition requires a high early strength gain

Gunform can provide a comprehensive solution for slope protection and ground support using soil nails or rock anchors and incorporating mesh or fibre reinforcement within the sprayed concrete.

We have carried out contracts ranging from of 30m2 to 30,000m2

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