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Head Office

33 Carsthorne Road
Carr Lane Industrial Estate
Merseyside UK
CH47 4FB

Telephone : +44(0) 151 632 6333
Fax : +44(0) 151 632 6444
Email : info@gunform.com

Freeform Structures

Sprayed concrete is an ideal material of constructing freeform structures. It has the ability to form curved shapes without the need for complicated and expensive formwork, and thus is commonly used in the construction of canoe slaloms, skate parks, climbing walls, sculptures and imitation rockwork.

Gunform has used their expertise to form many free-form structures, including the Naas Ball, Cardiff Canoe Slalom, Fiji and New Zealand Pavilions (Expo 92), Devonshire Green Park redevelopment seating and planting sculptures in Sheffield city centre.

Freeform structures include:-

  • Curved buildings
  • Skate parks
  • Canoe slaloms
  • Pools, ponds and water retaining structures
  • Simulated rock formation
  • Climbing walls and boulders
  • Domes and spheres
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